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The Steam Train Challenge is not only going to be great fun, but it also has the goal of playing a significant role in uplifting
local communities in the area in a structured and sustainable manner.  We have identified two charities that will help us achieve this.


Baby Love is a local community project in Ceres that visits the Provincial Hospital to hand out gift packs to the mothers of newborn babies.  Founded in 2015, the project currently visits the hospital twice a week, reaching more than 600 babies every year.  To be able to do this, they rely on donations and the helping hands of “angels” in the community.  There are many mothers in need that do not have the basic necessities such as clothing and blankets and these gift packs are a great way of helping them welcome their new arrivals.  Some of the residents of the local old age homes knit socks, beanies, blankets and soft toys for this purpose.

Items collected for these parcels include clothes (sizes: premature up to 12 months), blankets, socks, beanies, soft toys, nappies and any unused baby products, wool,  and old magazines.  They also welcome cash donations.

Visit their Facebook page here: Baby Love Project


90% of SA Students learn in English from Grade 4 onwards and research shows that weak student performance in literacy and numeracy in the Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3), constitute one of the major factors leading to poor learning outcomes in later grades.

The Click Foundation’s Literacy Programme aims to develop a broad capability in literacy by Grade 4, that will equip every child with a strong foundation for subsequent learning.

As “Literacy” encompasses foundations in English language competency, numeracy, and information technology, the Click Foundation ’s uses eLearning programmes in an effective and sustainable way to ensure that children involved in the project are equipped with the life-changing skill of literacy.

Their current learner base is just over  50,000 and they aim to have one million learners on the programme by 2020.

Apart from the fantastic work they are doing among the children, jobs are also being created in the process, uplifting the entire communities.

For further details, visit their website at or their Facebook page at The Click Foundation.